April 13 , 1919 – Revisiting History of Indian independence moment

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Amritsar Place of visit

While Amritsar is know for Golden Temple , Chola Kulcha’s  and Beating Retreat Ceremony at Wagah Border‎ . We also planned our trip around these places to coverin or 2 days trip in Jan 2017 .  But one place which probably every Indian or every human must go to is Jallianwala Bagh for the history behind this place .

For People , who are unaware of the significance of this place in INDIAN HISTORY and why it always found it’s mention in India’s Independence moment . Small background details :

Date : April 13 , 1919

Time : 4:30 … Continue Reading

Food Review : Pita Pit Lounge

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Review of Pita Pita food Lounge

Team #FOTW visited the place last month and sharing a overall review of the joint

Location : 1st Floor , Near Pizza hut , M block Market , GK-1 , Delhi
Ambiance : Cafe with ample space to chit-chat /Quick Discussion / Rest after shopping
Parking Space :  Paid parking available in nearby M block Market
Cost  : Approx INR 250 / Pax ( For Veg )

It’s a healthy version of Subway , So replace sub bread with Pita Roti and choose the ingredient and sausage as per choice . We tried Baked … Continue Reading

Mauritius Adventure : Majestic walk with the Lions

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Encounter with Lions Mauritius

Fear, Fear, Fear! A natural instinct for us and most of us rather, while thinking of the “King of Jungle”. Looking at all the wild trails@Nat Geo /Discovery, the one & only feeling was “FEAR”, if I ever had an interaction with the wild cats LIVE. Yes this feeling came very true with goosebumps when we encountered Walk with the lions, way far than being termed as “Adventurous”.

At Casela Nature Park, Mauritius!

While experiencing the gorgeousness of the land of beaches & water sports, we landed on the most enthralling “Fear Factor” for a life. We made our successful … Continue Reading

Travel Pisa for Leaning Tower and Magical Square

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A Stopover at Pisa : From Florence to Pisa!

Well, its so rich in the history & wonder world, that anyone visiting Italy, specially Tuscany, finds it as an incredible piece of engineering!#FOTW was going to Cinque Terre from Florence (Firenze) and so we had to stop over for some 3hours at Pisa and adore the work here which is full of history.

Leaning tower of Pisa

Reaching Pisa from Florence :

There are numerous “ItaliaRail/Trenitalia” trains running from Florence’s Santa Maria station to Pisa Centrale, of just 1.15 hour duration. This convenience poses Pisa as a quick stop over when in Florence Continue Reading

Serenity at Torcello – Island of Venice

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On the Islands of Venice !

 Is Venice not enough to venture the beauty that we need to explore something more in its vicinity? Then FOTW answers to this is, YES! We need to not miss few of the beautiful Venice Islands and specially Murano, Burano & Torcello. For the simple reason to witness a calm, serene and placid aura which just demands to relax and get poetic admiring the essence of nature.

There are many theories, some love visiting while others find them just a waste of time. For us, the whole day visit to these islands was rather Continue Reading

Murano & Burano – Colourful Islands of Venice

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Touching the vibrant Burano, a Venice Island!

As I shared that FOTW planned for a full day expedition, exploring the 3 amazing Islands in Venetian Lagoon named – Murano, Burano & Torcello.

The easiest way is to plan a day trip getting the ACTV pass (which varies Euro 20 /pax  – 1 day   , Euro 30/pax  – 2 day ) from the authorised counters near Rialto bridge and then hop on and hop off on as many Islands you wish to:). Yes, Its that easy!

We started out with boarding the ACTV vaporetto (Ferry) from St. Marks Square to Continue Reading

10 magical spots of Rome – Travelers guide

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Rome for you by Tribe #FOTW!

10 Magical spots in Rome

Rome travellers map guide

Little did I know that this city is actually a power-house, as it swathes a grandeur history, embarks with the fantasy of origin and culture, cheers up the spirit with the bustling markets and amuse with the knack of craftsmanship. It’ll heave you yearning, It’ll get you nutty, and will cast a spell on you for sure.

So rightly said that “Rome was not built in a day”, this place leaves you adorning it forever.

Greek lovers can definitely counter the Roman art, since it originated from the Greek Culture. On one hand its … Continue Reading

Visiting Venice – The city of Canals

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Venice – The city of Canals and Masks

venice Italy
Famous Masks of Venice

When the city like Venice calls travellers, it can often get bewildering what to see and what not to. Hence the best way to explore places like Venice is to walk through the lanes & explore city on gondolas. Walk every little corner of the streets to find something worth clicking and of your interest. If not this way, grab some thick shakes or fruit yogurts, wear a mask and begin the exploration. It is that easy friends! And yes, beware you’ll not find Venice in peace, coz Continue Reading

Blue Grotto – All you want to know while in Capri

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Hey fellow Travel buddies,

When Capri has its share as the most scintillating Island of Italy, the reason has to be the magical turn outs of nature in the form of Blue Grotto. To us as well before planning Capri, Grotto was something we could not exactly relate to. So here is a small explanation to help you understand what a Grotto is & why “Blue Grotto” of Capri is worth every penny spent.

What exactly is Blue Grotto?

Blue Grotto is a magical natural formation which gets you to see bright blue – silver colour of water inside the Continue Reading

Capri Islands :: Amazing Italian Island

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Capri Island, Italy

Scintillating Capri

What happens when you see the fascinating floral and colourful streets leading to the massive Ocean or Blue Sea with some tinges of dark green tress & huge limestone rock formations in between? Well, that’s when you fall in love at the first sight with the Island of Capri in Italy. Yes, this is what we felt, love with the nature, so much in its pristine form.

We, the family, happened to plan a 15 days trip to Italy last year and Capri was indeed on our charts. A chance to visit the Faraglioni Rocks via boat/ship, Continue Reading